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Dante Dierks amazes students as piano prodigy

Amazing pianist Dante Dierks a junior at Riverview, is celebrating the month of September what he loves to do—playing the piano.

Starting at 5 years old, Dierks started with the basics. Later, he was introduced to composers.

“I studied Liszt, Chopin, Rachmaninoff, and many more who produced beautiful, virtuosic works,” said Dierks.

Depending on the piece he is learning now, it may take him between two weeks to five months of practice to perfect his work. Once it is time to perform, a normal rehearsal for Dierks consists of learning what he can within a 2-5-minute practice before going on stage to perform.

Dierks’ favorite piece to play on the piano is the Chopin Ballade No.1. Even though he does not perform with an orchestra, he still finds ways to make his solos unique and amazing for his audience.

Norm Vagn, one of the band directors at Riverview had the pleasure of working with Dierks last year. Sadly, Dierks will not be a part of the band this year.

“This year he is not in a group, but he is taking AP Music Theory. I am hoping to still feature him in my concerts this year. Dante is a very dedicated musician and spends a lot of time practicing, which pays off in his performances,” said Vagn.

September is piano month. Starting in 1991, Piano Month was founded by the National Piano Foundation. From beginners to famous pianists, this month allows them to show off their talents, whether they play jazz hits or heavy metal.

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